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Suspended Sound

An exploration of sound and silence, movement and stillness.

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Kelly from Kindred Souls Collective and Jo from Garden of Yoga come to together for this unique event that will have you floating in an aerial hammock, bathed in a harmonic symphony of vibrations of sound and ancient healing energy.

Tibetan singing bowls can soothe tension held in the mind and body allowing easeful meditation and deep relaxation.

Many people find the feeling of being cocooned in the aerial fabric, and the supported, fluid movements of a flowing aerial yoga practice allows them to rest into a deep state of ease and peace.

We are excited to weave these beautiful techniques together into one immersive experience.

No previous aerial yoga experience or flexibility required, our goal is that everyone feels comfortable and supported in their practice.


"To say I left in a blissful state would be an understatement. My friend Donna and I floated out. Jo guided us through gentle moves in our hammocks that resonated with a seven main chakras, and with each guided move she gently described the way that each chakra works for us; how the chakras connect to our emotions and physicality. There were several options offered so that the moves could be customised to each individual. While this was happening, we had the undulating sounds of Tibetan bowls with Kelly, who moved with grace around the room to ensure the experience was unique and personal for each one of us, allowing us time to connect to the sounds. This was an intimate setting in a glorious room of colour and tranquillity, and although I have been there before, each experience brings something new. I have never been rushed out, and Jo willingly gives you time after the class if you have queries or concerns. Jo offers a dedicated practice and it is worth every mile of my 5 hour round trip to attend. Only wish that I lived closer. Thanks Jo and Kelly." - Maggie Turner-Miguel

About Jo Stewart

Jo’s creative approach adapts to each practitioners individual needs, with a focus on body positivity, compassion and inclusivity. She also loves bringing yoga out of the studio and into the world, teaching on community programs, at festivals and sharing her meditations online via Insight Timer. She also cohosts The Flow Artists Podcast with her husband Rane - speaking to inspiring movers, thinkers and teachers about how they find their flow and share it with the world!

Jo Stewart's Website

About Kelly Sullivan

Hi, I'm Kelly!

It's often hard to articulate exactly what I do because I am passionate about so many creative pursuits. Can you relate? I can tell you, that whilst I am an entrepreneur, creative consultant, mindfulness coach and Reiki Master, I am also forthright and business-minded. If you can also relate to this, then I think we might be Kindred Souls!

Under the umbrella of the Kindred Souls Collective, I combine my love of intentional graphic design and branding, holistic wellness, workshops and events to empower and inspire my clients to re-ignite their passion or souls purpose.

Do you struggle with finding balance in your everyday life? Do you feel like you never have enough time? Do you need to re-focus your internal compass on your passions and what truly drives you? Kindred Souls Collective will help you get to the core of who you are, and what you are about.

Kindred Souls Collective Workshops and Events will also help you connect with community and learn useful tools to bring some extra balance and focus into your life. I use all the tools in my toolbox to help you get clear so that you can live a full life, doing all the things that you love.

If you are looking for some time to reconnect with yourself, learn about health and wellness, or set new intentions and work towards goals that are in line with your passions, then let the Kindred Souls Collective lead you back to what your soul truly desires.

Kelly Sullivan's Website

Workshop Details

Date To Be Confirmed

with Jo Stewart, Kelly Sullivan

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$65.00 Concession

Early Bird Price finishing March 26th. Gift vouchers are also available (email Jo directly for details)

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From $40 a month!

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