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Saturday, 25 April 2020

Super Deluxe Self Massage Workshop

Treat yo Self!

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Who needs a massage right now?

I know I do!!

Luckily there are a wealth of wonderful self massage techniques that you can use for self care and as a way to enhance your awareness of your own structure.

Self Massage can be used to ease tension and reduce pain, to bring awareness to particular areas enhancing flexibility and your ability to strengthen specific areas, and even as a way in to meditation.

I will be sharing all of my favourite techniques and ways that you can adapt them to your own needs.

You will need a peanut (two balls in a sock)

But if you have any additional props like a foam roller, spiky ball, Makarlu or yoga block please have them handy - it will give you extra options!

This workshop will be delivered via zoom and you can access the video of the instructor (or record yourself) after the event.

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