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Tim Seutter - Yoga Fire Workshops

We are excited to bring Tim Seutter to Melbourne for two very special workshops.

Unleash the Fire (10am - 12pm)

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Unleash the Wildfire is an Asana and breath-focused practice where we will ignite our bodies and develop power and inner strength to reach our true potential. This practice is about using the building blocks of asanas and using them to create the ability to fly. We will learn that arm balances are not just the realm of the muscular or athletic but are an accessible practice where everyone is able to learn to recruit the body and lift off. Although this practice is designed to be challenging, it is taught at a pace and attention to detail where all levels of practice can find confidence to progress their practice and have some fun doing it.

The workshop progresses through asana, pranayama/kriya and culminates in learning the intricacies of postures like Astavakrasana (Eight-Angle pose), Eka Pada Koundinyasana 1&2, and some interesting transitions through Bakasana (Crow Pose).

Come and experience the Power of Change and how Yoga can take you on a path of discovery and unlock your true potential.

Within the Embers (1pm - 3pm)

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A yin-inspired class that is about going deep, releasing the tension and finding the calming energy in our practice. We will work through the shoulders, hips and spine and help release the deeper recesses of the body. As the practice progresses and the fires of life begin to die down, we can harness this subtle energy and let it flow throughout our bodies, nourishing and restoring ourselves. As we come to the end of the practice, we will work through some pranayama practices that nurture our bodies and bring about calm and balance. Practice will conclude with a mediation practice to integrate the effects of the mind, body and breath so that we can emerge relaxed, focused, and ready to make 2019 the time to be in the present and live the life we are destined for.

This workshop is for all levels and can be practiced by newcomers and experienced yogis looking to slow down and be revitalized.

We look forward to sharing this journey with you.

About Tim Seutter

Tim Seutter is a Canadian based in the far north of New Zealand. Tim is a Yoga Teacher, Studio Owner and the man behind

Tim has worked for many years as a fire-fighter in both Canada and New Zealand - he brings a strong yet open and loving approach to his practice and teaching.

In Tim's own words: "I want to teach intensity, focus and power to create change for people looking for a yoga practice that could complement their lifestyle and athletic abilities"

Jo and Rane recently interviewed Tim for an episode of The Flow Artists Podcast - you can listen here

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