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Guiding Inner Journeys

With Amy Bell


Do you struggle to get in the right space before teaching sometimes?
Maybe when you've had 'one of THOSE days' or when you're suffering from audition/performance nerves or anxiety?

Have you ever had trouble creating the kind of energy/space you would like to? Maybe during cold/flu season when people are coughing and detracting from the experience?

Do you sometimes question how effectively you're communicating and wish you could read where people are at more easily?

Would you like to be able to artfully and elegantly create meaningful experiences for your people through which they can more easily have profound insights, be connected with their inner resources and make lasting transformation?

JOIN US at GUIDING INNER JOURNEYS where you will learn:

  • how to communicate effectively verbally and non verbally
  • how to connect deeply with all walks of life
  • how to be more influential
  • how to read people accurately via non verbal cures
  • how to facilitate from the right state, no matter what your current default mood or what kind of day you've had. Be in any state you want, anywhere, anytime
  • how to deal with performance anxiety and pressure
  • how to hold and maintain space
  • how to respond when things don't go to plan
  • how to artfully facilitate meaningful internal experiences for people through which they can experience long lasting transformation
  • and more...

Time: Sat 12 October 1PM – 7PM and Sun 13 October 9AM – 6PM

Payment on our website is via credit card only, for alternative payment options such as bank transfer please email

About Amy Bell

Amy Bell is a skilled trainer, coach and facilitator working predominantly in the high performance, resilience and wellbeing spaces with business owners, entrepreneurs, social enterprises, coaches, health, fitness and wellness practitioners.

After seven years of extensive training in both Australia and Europe with some of the most highly acclaimed trainers in the field, including James Tsakalos, Christina Hall

and Marvin Oka, Amy has earned certification as both an NLP Master Practitioner and a Trainer of NLP - a powerful and versatile set of tools both for communicating effectively and for facilitating behavioural and psychological change.

Amy, having taken the road less travelled, an in depth 5 year apprenticeship pathway to becoming an NLP trainer, is the only female running comprehensive NLP Practitioner Courses of 18 days or more in Victoria.

We recently spoke to Amy for an episode of The Flow Artists Podcast. You can listen here

Amy Bell's Website

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with Amy Bell

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