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Private Classes

In Person Private Classes

Do you need some one on one support?

We can help you get comfortable moving again, establish a home practice and provide an individualised program to help you meet your goals!

Our private classes can include yoga, pilates, aerial yoga, functional movement, meditation and relaxation - we tailor each program to meet your needs. We can can adjust the environment to suit your sensory needs, this can include lighting, music/quiet, working with different textures (ie soft bolster vs firmer foam roller), using the movement of the aerial hammock to regulate vestibular input, choosing a hammock colour you vibe with and being open to learning what works for you!

This includes the frequency of your classes - some people prefer regular private sessions, others mainly practice at home and book back in when they are ready for some progressions or modifications and many people begin with a private session and then feel comfortable to join our group classes. We meet you were you are at, move at your own pace and adapt the practice to suit you!

Many of our private clients are able to claim their sessions through NDIS.

If you are navigating neurodiversity, chronic pain, PTSD, sleep challenges, stress, body image issues, MS, migraines or just prefer a solo session rather than a group this can be a great option to help support mental and physical health. Yoga, Pilates and aerial yoga fit in alongside the care you might be receiving from your OT, physiotherapist, psychologist and doctor and we are happy to collaborate with or follow the guidance of the rest of your team.

Email Jo to arrange a time

Private session google review from Agnese:

Jo is not only a wonderful teacher but also a great person. During my recent pregnancy, I had a severe bout of meningitis, in which I totally lost control over my body. Once the acute phase was over, I was left with a series of issues, Including incredible restlessness, very short breath, and severe insomnia. The left part of my body was not responding to the messages from my brain. This is when Jo started providing help. She coordinated with the physio from the hospital and developed a customized plan to aid my recovery. She was professional and well researched, as well as empathetic and caring. Her input in my rehabilitation really made a difference. I couldn’t recommend her more. And I will be forever grateful for her help. Grazie Jo ❤️

Online Private Classes

Yoga can be so helpful to maintaining peace of mind in stressful times.

Exercise and connecting with friends is can be a challenge while practicing social isolation. However we've found a great way to help you do both!

Book in a personalised session, tailored to your individual needs and the props that you have on hand.

These sessions are adaptable for one person or many!

Email Jo to arrange a time

Here's what people are saying about our private and small group sessions via zoom:

Zoom Pilates with jo was a massive win. As a health care worker I am becoming increasingly aware of the need to practice intentional social distancing, but I also feel my stress levels building. Pilates is an essential part of my self care, for both the mind and body, so being able to continue it in a safe, fun and effective way was a huge relief. Having an awesome group of friends to zoom with is also helpful! Thanks jo!


In these uncertain times we are all trying our best to protect our elderly and vulnerable and this included our first video conference pilates class! I was a bit worried as Jo normally keeps a beady eye on me as I have some medical issues we are working through but I shouldn't have been. She was able to see me clearly and give excellent instruction even though I was using the Zoom app on my phone. It was easy to set up and I still felt a great benefit from the class. I had to be a bit creative with some of the equipment but it turns out jars of passata make great hand weights! Thanks Jo for thinking outside the box and making sure I can still 'attend' my class without placing anyone at risk.


If you are unfamiliar with zoom, don't worry, it's really easy!

I wrote a blog post explaining how it works:

How to use Zoom for our Live Online Yoga and Pilates Classes

zoom meeting.jpg


Do I need any prior yoga or pilates experience?

Not at all! This practice is suitable for all levels and a great place to start.

I'm quite experienced - will there still be options to challenge me?

Yes! The beauty of the pilates props is how adaptable they are - even if have a very established movement practice I will be able to give you challenging variations.

I'm injured - is it ok to practice?

As long as you have your doctor’s approval and are able to listen to your body and ask for advice as as necessary this is a great class to work with any injuries. I can help support you through your rehabilitation and am happy to liaise with your physiotherapist as necessary.

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