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Saturday, 23 May 2020

Yin & Myofascial Release Workshop

Two hours of Yin Yoga and Self Massage

Taking time to rest is so important - however the more stress we have in our daily lives, the more challenging it can be to give ourselves this time.

A physical focus can be a powerful tool to help to steady the mind and ease towards relaxation - I’ve found the techniques of Yin Yoga and Self Myofascial release have helped me so much and I’m really excited to share them in a longer workshop form where we can really luxuriate in them.

We learn a lot about ourselves in Yin - from the unique structure of our bodies, to the way our minds respond to the challenge of holding a particular shape, to the moments of insight that come out of deep contemplation. Self massage can be a way to cultivate a deeper and more subtle level of awareness and to target places that are tricky to stretch.

The longer holds and passive shapes in Yin allow us to work with the connective tissues of the body (rather than just our muscles), which can allow a deep feeling of release. This is a great practice to do if you are feeling exhausted or depleted. The forms are very passive which allows focused time to rest and restore. If you usually have trouble staying present in seated meditation, these practices can be useful way in to that state of mind.

You will need a peanut (two balls in a sock). Here's a video on how to make your own!

But if you have any additional props like a foam roller, spiky ball, Makarlu or yoga block please have them handy - it will give you extra options!

This workshop will be delivered via zoom and you will be able to access the video of the instructor after the event.

About Jo Stewart

Jo's creative approach adapts to each practitioners individual needs, with a focus on body positivity, self compassion and inclusivity. She is excited to share the whole spectrum of yogic experience with her students - from high flying fun in the aerial hammock, to calm meditation in the quiet of a yin style practice.

Read more about Jo here

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