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Join us for Gentle Yoga, Strong Flow, Slow Flow and Chair Yoga

Yoga - Online and In Person

You can join us here at the studio or via zoom.

Bookings are essential for both types of class.

If you are new to using zoom it's very simple - you might like to check out How to use Zoom for our Live online Yoga classes blog post.

Chair Yoga

Monday 12pm -12.30pm via Zoom

Chair yoga makes the benefits of yoga accessible to more people and allows us to explore familiar postures in a new way!

Often people often assume chair yoga will be very gentle but you can choose your own level of intensity, we offer options to add resistance with a theraband or small weights.

Each class includes meditation and breath awareness, spinal movements, shoulder and hip stretches and seated versions of traditional yoga standing poses.

You'll need: a chair on a stable surface.

We also give options to use: a yoga block, blanket, theraband and cushion or bolster.

We also offer private chair yoga sessions via zoom, email Jo for details

Strong Flow Yoga

Wednesday 10am - 11am

Enjoy an hour of strengthening vinyasa flow, with an emphasis on movement, breath and balance.

A strong practice can help us tap into our inner strength and feel powerful!

If you struggle to concentrate while sitting still the feeling of moving with the breath, and flowing from one posture to another can help achieve a state of moving meditation - and you might find meditation comes easier at the end of the class.

Gentle Yoga

Wednesday 7.20pm - 8.20pm

In the words of Simon Borg Olivier, yoga should feel like a soft gentle massage by a loved one.

In this hour-long session, we will be working with breath, meditation and soft gentle movement.

No experience is necessary, and we can adapt for all types of bodies. Have a blanket and pillows handy to use as props.

Slow Flow Yoga

Thursday 6pm - 7pm via Zoom

An adaptable practice for all bodies.

We will move purposefully through a sequence of movements designed to nurture mind and body.

The pace will vary from moving with the breath, to settling into longer holds.

While slow practice can be strengthening and centering, we will end each session with meditation and relaxation.


Yoga can have a very calming effect on your state of mind and this is a great, gentle class to enjoy that.

You don't have to push yourself to enjoy the benefits of yoga and meditation, this class reminds us to slow down and be kind to ourselves.

You will feel your strength, flexibility and balance improve over time - this class may be gentle but yoga is powerful!

Many people find that they are less stressed, able to sleep better at night and concentrate better during the day when they practice yoga. It helps us feel good!

A gentle yoga practice encourages us to activate the Parasympathetic Nervous System - if you have a busy or stressful everyday life this can be a great practice to bring the mind and body back to balance.

What to wear

Just wear whatever you are comfortable in - clothes that are easy to move and relax in.


This practice is very gentle and adaptable. There are no specific contraindications, but if you have any injuries or health conditions be sure to mention them when you fill out your New Client Form and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


Do I need any prior yoga experience?

Not at all! This practice is suitable for all levels and a great place to start.

I'm quite experienced - will there still be options to challenge me?

Yes! The beauty of yoga is how adaptable it is - even if you have a very established movement practice we will be able to give you challenging variations.

It should be noted that our Gentle Yoga class is very slow and gentle - sometimes the challenge can be in just being still!

The Strong Vinyasa Flow class is different every week - there will always be something new to challenge you. It’s also a great class to work on specific strength goals.

I'm injured - is it ok to practice?

As long as you have your doctor’s approval and are able to listen to your body and ask for advice as as necessary.

Strong Vinyasa Flow probably isn’t the best class if you are working with an injury - Gentle Yoga or Nurturing Yoga and Pilates would be more suitable practice (and always get your doctor’s ok before returning to yoga).

Please let us know if you are working with any injuries or illnesses - either by filling out our new client form, or by telling the teacher before the start of the class.

More questions about Mat Yoga

Upcoming Classes


Nurturing Yoga and Pilates - In Person

6:00p.m. - 7:00p.m.

with Jo Stewart Live in the Studio

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Gentle Yoga - Online

7:20p.m. - 8:20p.m.

with Rane Bowen via Zoom

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Gentle Yoga - In Person

7:20p.m. - 8:20p.m.

with Rane Bowen Live in the Studio!

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Our online class pricing is tiered - you can choose to pay $5, $10 or $15 according to your financial situation.

In person classes are $25 full or $22 concession for a casual class.

10 passes are $200 full, $180 Concession.

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Monthly Memberships Available

From $40 a month!

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