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Saturday, 16 November 2019

Adrenal Healing

with Gina Macauley

This workshop will teach you a simple, yet profound series of Yoga practices (Kriya) aimed at overcoming stress induced tiredness and burnout, or adrenal overload.

Many of us at some time or another have experienced that debilitating feeling of deep tiredness, that is often described as ‘burn-out’. For many, relentless, hectic lifestyles have lead to over-stimulation and chronic hyper-arousal, resulting in an over-taxing of what can be termed the “adrenal systems”.

In this workshop, you will learn something of the gross physical and subtle implications of the overloading of the adrenal systems and experience a simple, yet profound Yoga therapy practice (Kriya), which has been used successfully for many years in helping to restore the well-being of those with adrenal overload or burn-out. The practice, developed by Leigh Blashki, draws from his 40+ year journey of Yogic self-healing, teaching and consulting and is informed by the work of many of his teachers including AG Mohan, Swami Gitananda and Sri V. Yogendra.

You will leave with a valuable resource that you can explore personally to improve your wellbeing. If you are a Yoga teachers you will also be able to use it to assist others for whom chronic tiredness has become an everyday experience. The cost also includes an online video of the practice.

Jo and Rane recently spoke with Gina for The Flow Artists Podcast. She goes in-depth on the workshop and why practices like this so important with our modern hectic lifestyles. Listen to her episode of the podcast

You can Read more about the Adrenal System here

About Gina Macauley

Gina's Yoga journey began in the late 80s as a student and she has been teaching since 2009. Over her years of practice she discovered that there is no one style that best suits her body all the time and it is this philosophy that she brings to her teaching, giving her students the benefit of her combined influences to discover how best to work with their own body and mind to achieve their lifestyle goals.

Gina has an Advanced Diploma in Yoga Teaching through the Academy of Yoga Learning, a Graduate Certificate in Yoga Therapy through the Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy and is a Certified iRest® Yoga Nidra teacher. She is on the faculty of the Academy of Yoga Learning and Australian Institute of Yoga Therapy. She has also undertaken studies with Indian teachers AG and Indra Mohan.

Gina is a registered level II Yoga Australia member and has served on the Yoga Australia Victorian Committee. She is continually studying and practicing Yoga and is currently inspired by Leigh Blashki, Paul Wooden and Richard Miller.

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with Gina Macauley

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