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Garden of Yoga Gift Guide

Garden of Yoga Gift Guide

Published December 16th, 2021 By Jo Stewart

We love stocking our little shop with locally and sustainably made gifts for the yoga and pilates lover in your life (or yourself!).

We also offer gift vouchers for our live and online classes and kokedamas for your home yoga garden!

Gifts for Yoga and Movement lovers

The right mat makes all the difference and after lots of research we've found our absolute favourite!

Yoga Mats

Lovearth Yoga Mats are made from Natural Tree Rubber and Jute with no PVC, PER or TPE and fully biodegradable, but we love best is how well they grip - even if you get really sweaty.

Eye Pillows

Our Eye Pillows are sustainably made from wheat, cotton and rose or lavender for the scented pillows. Eye pillows are a lovely way to enhance your meditation or relaxation. They can also be used hot or cold which can help relieve headaches and back pain. Our eye pillows are made right here in Northcote and come in range of beautiful prints.

The Makarlu

The Makarlu combines 3 nesting domes of different sizes and textures which magnetise to a wooden rocker base, and comes in a set of two - by combining these 8 components you can build grip strength and pelvic stability, and relax, stretch, strengthen, stabilise, massage your entire body. We have lots of free classes to get your started - the movement possibilities are endless!


Classes and Passes

We can create gift vouchers for any of our classes and passes - our two most popular options are the Amazing Aerial Yoga Intro Pass and a private session (which can be done online or in person). Email Jo to organise a gift voucher for any of our class options.

Online options

We have created a range of online courses:

Nurturing Yoga and Pilates is s a combination of Pilates movements and mobility props like the foam roller and peanut with a Yogic sensibility and a focus on breath and sensory awareness.

The Computer Cranky Spots Bundle is ideal if you have been staring at a screen too long and feel tension building in your neck, shoulders or lower back or if you are looking for a way to re-energise, relax or give yourself some headspace with feel-good movement.

Aerial Yoga - Beginners and Beyond is perfect for people who have an aerial hammock at home and are looking for some new ideas. The videos range from introductory to experienced, with a focus on clarity, safety and fun, creative sequencing. Get clear and comfortable with the fundamental moves and then stretch yourself in our flow sessions or strength and stability focused classes.

Aerial Yoga - Spinal Series Feel and move your spine in unique, and nurturing ways using the aerial hammock!

In this 6 video workshop series we hang the hammock at three different heights - low for restorative moves, 'chair' height for seated moves and hip height for some innovative inversion options. We even combine the aerial hammock with the peanut for a self massage flow!

Email Jo to organise a gift voucher for any of these video courses


Kokedamas are like little living sculptures. They are made locally by Ana Soares and her creation process is like a meditation - you can see the calm and care that goes into plant selection and creating the root ball wrap for each plant.

We are currently stocking medium sized pothos varieties and Zanzibar gem for $40 each and large Monstera and Poinsettia for $50. We also have a small ring stands and fabulous macrame hanger for display.

I love having all this life and lushness in our studio and I always choose hardy, easy care varieties so they can thrive in your home too!

You can learn more about Kokedama creation and care here.


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Monthly Memberships Available

From $40 a month!

Amazing Aerial Intro Pass!

3 Aerial yoga sessions for $75!

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