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The Computer Cranky Spots Bundle

Nurture your mind and body at the end of your work day or refresh yourself on your lunch break.

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Have you been staring at a screen too long and feel tension building in your neck, shoulders or lower back?

Or maybe you are looking for a way to re-energise, relax or give yourself some headspace with feel-good movement. We’ve curated a selection of our favourite classes ranging from 30-minute movement sessions, to hour-long nurturing yoga and pilates and yin yoga classes. Even Chair Yoga classes that allow you to receive the benefits of these practices without leaving your desk.

We’ve even included a couple of sessions that you can sample for free!

This bundle includes classes normally only available for our members and contains over 10 hours of content!

  • Midweek Movement - Happy Hips
  • Midweek Movement - Roll, Release and Activate
  • Midweek Movement - Standing Flow
  • Midweek Movement - Multitasking
  • Midweek Movement - Hip Flexors
  • Midweek Movement - Pelvic Stability
  • Midweek Movement - shoulders and neck - Watch for Free!
  • Midweek Movement - Strength blanket - Watch for Free!
  • Chair Yoga - Shoulders, Spine and Thighs
  • Chair Yoga - Strength Building
  • Chair Yoga - Get out of the Chair
  • Nurturing Yoga and Pilates - Nurture the Shoulders and Body
  • Nurturing Yoga and Pilates - Nurture Your Lower back
  • Yin Yoga - Yin for Computer Cranky Spots
  • Yin Yoga - Hamstrings and Hips
  • Yin Yoga - The Spine
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Jo Stewart

Jo Stewart

Jo's creative approach adapts to each practitioner's individual needs, with a focus on body positivity, self-compassion, and inclusivity. She is excited to share the whole spectrum of yogic experience with her students - from high flying fun in the aerial hammock, to calm meditation in the quiet of a yin style practice.

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Rane Bowen

Rane Bowen

Rane is a long time student of yoga and meditation. He has an insatiable curiosity about these practices, how they can help people in their daily lives and in overcoming adversity.

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