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Nurturing Yoga and Pilates

Feel good strength and stability moves that flow with the breath

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Nurturing Yoga and Pilates is a combination of Pilates movements and mobility props like the foam roller and peanut with a Yogic sensibility and a focus on breath and sensory awareness.

This course is all about tuning in to your individual needs and working towards balance,enhanced core strength and pelvic floor awareness. We'll also be giving the knees, back and shoulders some extra love!

Foam Roller
Use a foam roller or rolled up blanket to enhance balance and connection between both sides of the body (and brain). You’ll be guided through a meditative breath based practice to connect to your deep core muscles, shoulders and whole body stability.

Nurturing Knees
Enhance your connection to all of the muscles around the knees. Use the foam roller (or head to our peanut video) to massage common cranky spots and pilates stability moves to promote balanced hip action and stability.

Put two balls in a sock and you’ll be amazed at the self massage possibilities! The peanut is a great alternative to the foam roller but has its own unique benefits. This sequence focuses on legs and hips - check out our Travel Neck Back and Shoulders video for upper body.

Yoga Flow
This is a simple, adaptable sequence to nurture your whole body, especially the spine, legs and hips. This is a great stand alone sequence if you’ve been sitting down for a while and want to give your back some love!

Meditation Neck Massage
Use the peanut, foam roller or a yoga block to gently massage hard working neck muscles and settle in to relaxation.

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Jo Stewart

Jo Stewart

Jo's creative approach adapts to each practitioner's individual needs, with a focus on body positivity, self-compassion, and inclusivity. She is excited to share the whole spectrum of yogic experience with her students - from high flying fun in the aerial hammock, to calm meditation in the quiet of a yin style practice.

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