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A Short Mindful Walk

A Short Mindful Walk

Published April 25th, 2015 By Rane Bowen

A nice strategy for some calm and clearing the mind is a short mindful walk.  Weather permitting, go outside for a few minutes, leaving your mobile behind, and begin to take in the environment of the world around you.

Perhaps begin to breath in deeply, in through your nose and out through your mouth, feeling your chest expand as you inhale, and your whole body loosening as you exhale.

As you move at a gentle pace, feel your clothing as it brushes against your skin.  Feel the solidness of the ground as your feet push against it.  Notice the shifting of muscles in your legs and torso, the subtle unbalancing and rebalancing of your body as each leg moves forward in turn.

Begin to take notice of the air as the gentle breeze pushes against your face, your hair and scalp.  Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, or if it’s cooler, take note of the prickling sensation of your cheeks and cold air through your nose.

Looking down, draw your attention to the pavement ahead.  Take in the cracks and shadows, the subtle changes in coloration, and the rough bobbled textures of the asphalt.  Observe the buildings and structures and shapes.  Observe the cladding of the building, possibly mottled red bricks or the stark contrasts of concrete and glass.

Draw your attention to any sounds in the vicinity.  It could be the noises of traffic, the rustling of trees in the breeze, the staccato rhythms of a building site, or people chattering away in the distance.  Listen without engaging, just let it all soak in.

Continue your walk, just trying to be fully absorbed in your senses, and when you are ready, thank yourself for giving yourself a few moments of kindness and nurturing, and go back to your day.

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