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Kokedamas - Creation and Care

Kokedamas - Creation and Care

Published December 8th, 2020 By Jo Stewart

It's no secret we love a plant filled Yoga space - we were delighted to discover Ana Soares who creates beautiful living sculptures - Kokedamas.

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Ana works with plants that thrive indoors, we stock a selection here at Garden of Yoga which you can purchase in the studio or from our online store.

Pictured left to right: Rhaphidophora Tetrasperma, Monstera Deliciosa, Snow Queen, Zanzibar Gem, Triple Splash. The varieties are seasonal - begonias, peperomia and orchids are also available sometimes.

The Creative Process:

Ana Soares, mother of 3. Based in Reservoir and I've started to make kokedamas one year ago as way to express my creativity and connection with mother earth. It has a been a very organic journey as I am constantly surrounded by designers and makers.

My kokedamas have my own style, which it takes 3 stages by :

Nurture the soils with plant-based food by Plantrunner

Assembled with care and give the plant and soil time to blend and connect

With good music, I just refine the shape by gently bringing all the elements - the plant, Bonsai Soil, Peat Moss, Sphagnum Moss together with twine. Then I gently oil the foliage with Neem oil.

The shape is dependent on the flow and roots. My Kokedamas are my way to connect with others through my love for Art and nature.

Care Instructions:

We recommend a light spot indoors with lots of indirect light, and watering every 10 days or so (this will vary according to the season and humidity). You can also mist your kokedama. This will vary according to variety - I have a big ZZ plant that I only water every 3 -4 weeks!

We recommend a wooden or ceramic stand (also hand made locally) to keep your kokedama stable. You can also hang your kokedama in a macrame plant hanger - just make sure it is somewhere secure where it can not be knocked over.

Watering Procedure:

Soaking. Depending on the size of your kokedama, fill a bowl, bucket or sink with room temperature water. Place your kokedama in the water, plant side up. Push the moss ball down so that it is fully submerged and begins to absorb water. Allow to soak for 10-25 minutes, or until fully saturated with water. Remove the kokedama from the water, and gently squeeze the moss ball to allow excess water to drain. Allow the kokedama to drip dry in a colander before replacing it to its given home.

You can test if your kokedama needs a drink by picking it up. If it feels light - go for it, if it feels heavy or looks moist wait a few days longer and test again.


During spring and summer, fertilize your kokedama monthly with a liquid indoor plant fertilizer at 1/2 the recommended concentration. Simply mix the fertilizer into the water and soak as usual.

Leaf Browning

Kokedamas are susceptible to over- and under-watering just like any other potted plant. Leaf browning and crisping around edges tends to indicate under-watering. A brown "mushiness" of the leaves or stems, black stems at the base, and leaf-yellowing tends to indicate over-watering. Remember; all plants require less water during dormancy (in Autumn and Winter,) and more during periods of active growth (in Spring and Summer.)

Care information Source

When is it time for a makeover?

Every kokedama will one day outgrow it's ball - when you start to see roots peeping out or it stops thriving it either needs a makeover (Ana can make it a bigger ball) or you can replant into a pot.

More About Ana Soares:

My name is Ana Soares, I am a  qualified Social Worker, Events Coordinator and Community Development Coordinator. My goal is to connect and educate our local community about natural resources, sustainable living by offering products that ethically made. I also aim to promote community cohesion through Multicultural Events & Social Services. 

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