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No Stomach for Cancer Benefit - Yoga for Digestive Ease Workshop

Saturday October 28th 10am - 12pm

at Irene Warehouse, 5 Pitt St Brunswick (just off Lygon St) 

As you may know Rane is a stomach cancer surviver, so this is a cause close to our hearts!
We'll both be sharing some of the yoga and meditation techniques from our 'Yoga for Digestive Ease' Workshop.
This sequences have helped Rane through this challenging time and nurtured his sensitive digestive system afterwards - but they are also great for anyone curious about their own digestive system and how yoga can be helpful.
Suitable for all levels of experence - all proceeds go to no stomach for cancer - you can donate here 
or just bring money on the day


yogafest 2017

Jo and the team at Garden of Yoga love teaching workshops at Festivals and special events!

We're excited to return to Yogafest Somers in 2017, and will be teaching workshops on Yoga for Digestive Ease, Yin & Myofascial release and Yoga & Pilates. Yogafest tickets are available here


We regularly present specialised workshops at Kawai Purapura International Yoga Festival (New Zealand) and Yogafest Retreat, aimed at dedicated practitioners and teachers looking to deepen their knowledge. 

We cater to a wide range of participants, including brand new beginners, in our fun, playful yoga classes at music festivals like Tanglewood (pictured) and Rainbow Serpent.

The Garden of Yoga team are also available for corporate yoga and meditation events and have worked with a diverse range of clients including Melbourne University, The Alfred and St Vincent’s Hospitals and Australian Volunteers International.

We offer workshops in Yoga, Meditation, Pilates, Antigravity Aerial Yoga, Relaxation and Stress Relief, Yoga and Meditation for Schools, as well as a the following unique workshops:

Multidimensional Mandala Workshop 

small kawai purapura mandala feetMultidimensional Mandalas is a collaborative art installation, meditation, yoga practice, playful dance and space for individual healing. 

Inspired by the beautiful intricate danmalas (floral mandala gifts) of Kathy Klein and the multi-body creations of human mandala project, we will form living energetic sculptures using creativity, intention, stones, leaves, flowers and our own bodies!

We begin by building a mandala is a group, then use it as the center of our yoga and meditation practice.

Gathering the elements and building the mandala is a gorgeous creative experience and practicing asana, pranayama and meditation around focuses our energy and elevates our practice as well as a treat for all the senses. Just as a Mandala brings together individual elements to create a harmonious whole, this workshop provides space for individual expression with the support of the group.

All levels of experience welcome!


Self Care for Hula Hoopers

self care for hula hoopers image for article2Do you ever get sore hands and forearms after practicing twins?

Or a sore hip whenever you work on a box split?

Are foot cramps getting the way of your foot hooping?

Have you blissed out at a festival, lost yourself in the flow for hours and wound up the next day feeling sore in all kinds of random places! 

I can help!!

 Whether you perform professionally or hoop for fun, training tricks can be tough on our bodies and we often push ourselves mentally and physically. 

 I’ve worked one on one with awesome hoopers like Kaye Dent, Deanne Love, Donna Sparx and Helly Hoops, to help them feel fabulous in the circle, and work on their personal flexibility and strength goals.

 I'm really excited to share this 2.5 hour workshop bringing together yoga, pilates, active flexibility, yin and myofascial release techniques (ball + foam roller). You’ll leave with an enhanced understanding of how your body works and simple, powerful sequences you can integrate into your practice time to make it more productive, enjoyable and sustainable.

 When you feel better, you move better! Our focus is on self care rather than aesthetics, but even after one session you will see and feel benefits to your posture, balance, strength and flexibility! 


Read Jo's article on Self Care for Hula Hoopers here


“Unlike other fitness/pilates teachers, Jo 100% understands the hooper’s body because she has been hooping for years! The practise, stretches and techniques that Jo has developed, simply and effectively releases forearms, shoulders, hips, hands, wrists…all the hooper problem areas. Basically, if you hoop, you need this!” Donna Sparx

 "Jo is a caring, creative and skilled teacher. Her profound understanding of playful and practical self care techniques is a true gift. Sessions with Jo are both healing and informative; I always leave her sessions feeling light, blissed out and with new ways to nurture myself.” Deanne Love

 “Jo is a wonderful teacher, she helped me gain confidence with my conditioning and handstands, as well as increase my flexibility. She never pushed me further than I was comfortable with and really put me at ease. If I wasn't traveling I would have bought a foam roller as using it in my sessions really helped my achy muscles! I can't wait to train with her again” Kay Pink Hoops

“I'm a circus performer (hula hoop dancer) and Jo gave me some great exercises to work on strengthening around an injury. We worked on pilates exercises and myofascial release techniques. Jo is intuitive and informative, and gave me lots of information around muscle, my body, and ways to move to promote strength and health. I left feeling like I had achievable things to work on and integrate into my daily routine. “ Helly Hoops