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Tailored to your Individual Needs

Studio Private Classes

In these personalised one on one sessions we work with the Pilates reformer, foam roller, oov, stability ball, ballet barre, aerial hammock and a vast array of smaller props to create a fun, strengthening circuit of different movement possibilities.

This is a very personalised class, based on your unique needs. Jo has done specialised training in Accessible Yoga, Fat Yoga with Sarah Harry, Pilates for Active Ageing, Pre and Postnatal Pilates, Trauma Informed Yoga and has a lot of experience teaching Yoga to people living with MS. Eligible students have successfully claimed these sessions through NDIS, each case is different and usually a referral is required.

Everyone does a slightly different practice tailored to their individual needs - this is an excellent class for brand new beginners all the way to elite athletes looking to compliment their training. Many people use these sessions as a way to establish their own home practice.

Email Jo for more details or to arrange a time.


You get to work on your own specific strength and flexibility goals in a fun and functional way!

Each practice is tailored to your needs, so you'll really feel your progression over time. In our other classes we tend to sequence a balanced, whole body practice, but if you have specific goals or needs we can really focus your movements around them.

We use lots of different equipment so there are always new challenges - this is a great class if you get bored easily, you are always moving - and often working with a combination of movements.

If you are rehabilitating after an injury, or have a long term issue this is the perfect practice for you. The pilates equipment, like the reformer, is very adaptable - so we can give you the right mix of challenge and support. If you have limited mobility I can bring in lots of different options so you can still enjoy a wide variety of movements.

What to wear?

Just wear whatever you are comfortable in - clothes that are easy to move and relax in.


This practice is very adaptable. There are no specific contraindications, but if you have any injuries or health conditions be sure to mention them when you fill out your New Client Form and feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or concerns. Certain movements are contraindicated for different health issues, but we can focus on all the movements you can do instead.


Is this a good Pre or Post Natal class?

Yes! We have many great options to help mindfully build core strength and stability, as well as upper body and glute strength. We also have options to stretch out any tight and cranky muscles in the legs or back and relieve tension in the shoulders from breast-feeding and carrying your baby around.

Nurturing and self care is very beneficial and important before and after giving birth - We will take great care of you. Always get a doctors ok to return to exercise, but there will be lots of suitable practice options here for you when you are ready.

Do I need any prior yoga or pilates experience?

Not at all! This practice is suitable for all levels and a great place to start.

I'm quite experienced - will there still be options to challenge me?

Yes! The beauty of the pilates props is how adaptable they are - even if have a very established movement practice I will be able to give you challenging variations.

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$100 per session full price

$900 one on one 10 pass

$90 per session concession

$800 one on one concession 10 pass

Email Jo for more details or to arrange a time.

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See All Pricing Options

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